May 3-5, 2021


Highland Lakes Baptist Camp


The High Impact Leadership Lab (HILL) is a retreat based learning experience where Pastors separate themselves from the noise for a couple of days so they may retool and refocus.  This year the immersive HILL experience will focus on “Revitalization Skills.”




April 30, 2021


Pastors and Staff 


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Revitalization NOW

We all have seen the reports. The American Evangelical Church is in decline.  Aubrey Malphurs reports that 80-85% of Churches are plateaued or declining.  Tom Rainer suggests the number is 84%. Here in Indiana we did an informal survey of about half of our Associations and they have indicated that 75% of their churches were plateaued or dying.  And all of those conclusions came before the impact of Covid19!

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What do you do when you are stuck

I grew up in the Snowbelt that formed every winter in the southeast corner of Lake Erie. In fact, I passed my driver’s license test in the middle of a snow storm driving my sister’s beat-up 1967 Volkswagen Beatle by the name of “Tub-tub”.

Tub-tub could go seemingly anywhere in the snow.  

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All SCBI Training and Ministry Events scheduled through May 15 have been canceled.