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As we start into the 2019 year, I want to share an “Indiana Baptist” update with you. I shared with our state convention back in October that our Communications Committee of the Executive Board voted for us to move from a quarterly print magazine to a monthly digital newsletter.  
Just what does that mean?
This is the first of our new form of communication with you. We are in transition right now with this move as we are taking two major steps:
  1. Moving the Indiana Baptist from paper to digital (you will have access to the Indiana Baptist through this email blast and through our web page).
  2. We are updating our web page along with this change. Much of the Indiana Baptist content will link to our new web page. It has been about six years since we have updated the SCBI website.
Your SCBI staff is currently reviewing and rewriting content for this web page update. Our goal is to have this done by the first of April. 
What you are receiving today is an email blast. We will be using this format for January and February, and our goal is to move to an email driven “newsletter” that you will be able to receive by simply signing up, or you can access it on the Indiana Baptist web page. 
We live in a day when information is available to us instantaneously. We want to be in the information loop! We want to share up to date stories about our people and churches. We want to link you to current news that relates to your faith, church, ministries and life that help you to be informed. We want to help you be knowledgeable about our SCBI events and ministries so that we can be a connected convention of people and churches and connect our churches, associations, convention and the larger SBC family. How do you make sure you are receiving your Indiana Baptist? Click here, and it will take you to a sign-up page for the Indiana Baptist. This will also help us make sure we have the right email address for you.
In Christ, Steve McNeil
Executive Director 


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