Church Health


The Church / Leader Development Team exists to Connect, Consult and Coach churches in accomplishing the Acts 1:8 challenge.

Most people go through life making regular appointments at the doctors to get a check up and make sure that things are physically operating correctly. This is a great principle to follow. It makes sure that you are in “good health.” The body of Christ needs to do the same. It too needs a regular check up to make sure that things are healthy. The SCBI Church / Leader Development Team can help you do that. You will find a number of categories below that show you how we can help you check your health and to provide the training, equipping and consulting to help you. 


  • To listen to what you believe God is telling you about your church.
  • To help you assess the health of your church.
  • To help you develop strategies to lead to a stronger, healthier church in the areas of prayer, evangelism, discipleship, groups and leadership development.
  • To help you raise up and develop leaders.
  • To help you develop a path to disciple your people.
  • To help you impact lostness in your community.

Contact  John Horn for more information.


In order to grow your church spiritually, it is important to recognize areas of strength and weakness. Here are several tools to use for


NCD (Natural Church Development Assessment)

The SCBI Church / Leader Development Team provides free consultation for our Indiana Southern Baptist churches with each of these. Please contact John Horn or your regional catalyst or associational DoM.


Deacon Ministry is a strategic part of a church’s health. SCBI’s Church Mobilization & Equipping Team can provide resources and training.

  • Role of Deacon
  • Deacons and the Family
  • A Deacon Ministry that Works

Contact  John Horn or for more information.


SCBI has resources to help your church nurture believers in following Christ.

Contact John Horn or for more information.


Small groups include those that meet at the church on Sunday morning. Discipleship occurs through relationships built in small groups.

Here are some links to research ways to begin or grow or strengthen small groups:

See also Sunday School page

Contact John Horn or for more information.

All SCBI Training and Ministry Events scheduled through May 15 have been canceled.