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Church Health


The Church / Leader Development Team exists to partner with our churches in discovering and fulfilling their next step.


  • To listen to what you believe God is telling you about your church.
  • To help you assess the health of your church with free inventories.
  • To help you develop strategies to lead to a stronger, healthier church in the areas of prayer, evangelism, discipleship, Women’s Ministry, leadership development., and Church Revitalization.
  • To help you raise up and develop leaders.
  • To help you develop a path to disciple your people.
  • To help you impact lostness in your community.
  • To connect you with SCBI   churches that can assist with your ministry.


Deacon Ministry is a strategic part of a church’s health. SCBI’s Church and Development Team can provide resources and customized training for:

  • The Role of the Deacon
  • The Deacon Family Ministry
  • A Deacon Ministry that Works


SCBI seeks to provide multiple ways that you can get help for your Sunday School. If you would like to discuss the needs of your Sunday School, please contact SCBI’s Church and Leader Development Team.


Need help growing your Sunday School?
Want to discover ways to be better organized as a Sunday School?
Discover how the SCBI Church and Leader Development Team can come and assist your Sunday School with…

  • Outreach methods
  • Outreach organization
  • Sunday School Principles for growth
  • Age group help (preschool, children, youth, and adults)
  • How to use curriculum
  • Keys to a successful Sunday School
  • Teaching Methods
  • Learning Styles
  • How inviting are your facilities?
  • Space study
  • Are you organized for growth or maintenance?
  • Has anyone been saved through your Sunday School lately? How can God use your Sunday School to change lives for eternity?


The Church and Leader Development Team provides customized free training and curriculum samples for home-based groups, sermon-based groups, accountability groups, missional communities, etc.


We can help your search team with training and free resources.

All SCBI Training and Ministry Events scheduled through May 15 have been canceled.