Safety / Security / Abuse


There are numerous types of abuse that can and do take place in our culture today.  This often seeps into the local church as well.  There is sexual, emotional and verbal abuse which are probably the bigger categories. 

Light has been directed on the sexual abuse issue in churches.  It is the goal and desire for this never to take place in a church.  Leaders need to be alert to the issue and be prepared which means a potential elimination of this as an issue.  We are listing some links to quality organizations that deal with this issue.


This Church Safety / Security Ministry Resource List is intended to help Safety Directors of small to medium size churches with training their volunteer teams. 





  • The Art and Science of Security Risk Assessment-Ira Somerson, CPP
  • Church Security: Providing a Safe Worship Environment-Kevin Robertson
  • Crime Prevention for Houses of Worship -Chester L Quarles and Paula L Ratliff
  • Securing the Sacred: Making your house of worship a safer place -Dr. Andrew P Surace and Eric Konohia
  • Violence Assessment and Intervention: The Practitioner’s Handbook-James S Caywood and Michael H Corcoran Soft
  • Target Hardening: Protecting People from Attack -Dr. Jennifer Hesterman

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