What are the needs of your church in the area of Worship?

  • Are you in need of someone to lead worship?
  • Are you looking for resources that will help you provide worship for all generations in your congregation?
  • Do you have a need to find accompanists or to train instrumentalists to help lead worship?
  • Is your worship the same every week and you need some fresh ideas to help you break the cycle of sameness?
  • Do you have people that are unhappy with the style of worship used in your services?


We can help you in addressing some of these challenges.  We have developed a variety of resources to assist you find the answers to these questions:

  • Worship Consultations - we can visit your church and assess your current worship situation, then meet with those invovled in planning worship to look at your specific situation and make suggestions.
  • Worship Team Training - we can come and work with your praise team, music leader, choir director, or accompanists to discover how to find resources, find people, and to prepare omre effectively.
  • Worship Conferences - we can provide your city-wide or regional training events to cover some topics such as:
    • Think Like a Missionary - Exegete Your Worship Community
    • Changing Your Style of Worship without Splitting the Church
    • How to Start a Worship Band
    • Planning for Effective Worship
    • Providing Multi-generational Worship
    • HELP! We Have No Accompanists!
    • Creating Flow in Worship
  • Providing Resumes for Those Seeking a Worship Position in Indiana - our church/ staff relations ministry can forward resumes to your search committee
  • Providing Training for Worship Minister Search Teams - if you want to convene a formal search team we can provide information about how to do so
  • Sound and Worship Projection Software Consultation - we can come and take a look at your situation and provide general recommendations and training for your tech crew
  • Finding Resources for Worship - Music, Instruments, Projection Software, and Sound
  • Worship Arts Camps and Retreats - check out:



Sarah Bohrer