Disaster Relief

When a Crisis Arises, the Church Must Engage

SCBI churches across the state need to be connected and responsive when a crisis occurs locally, statewide, nationally, or internationally. As Southern Baptists in Indiana we know that we are better together; we can and do respond when called upon. In today’s world, the problems are myriad and varied. Are you prepared to be a part of the solution? Is your church part of the Disaster Relief network? If not, why not? Are you familiar with all that Indiana Disaster Relief has to offer regarding the ministry of Relief? We train, credential, and prepare brothers and sisters in Christ to actively respond to the needs of those affected by the natural and man-made crisis. We support their volunteer efforts by providing administrative, organizational, and other resources necessary to make their endeavors successful. We must meet the needs of hurting humanity; physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief is Christian love in action. Now more than ever, our ministry is needed. There is much work to be done, and it is more than simply cleaning up after a storm; there are lives that need the hope that only we can offer. This is boots on ground ministry, going where the need is urgent and sometimes ugly. But we are compelled to show the love of Christ through compassionate action; we are compelled to give others the reason for the hope that we have in us.

Will you join us? Do you dare?


Regional Contacts

Region 1
Joe Fox
Denny Smith

Region 2
Don Morris

Region 3
Joe Fox

Region 4
Denny Smith

Region 5
Rodney Ebright

DR Chaplaincy
Bruce Reynolds


Disaster Relief (DR) training are for individuals who are at least 18 years of age. Anyone in the state can go to any of the Orientations. They are not limited to people who reside in the region.

ALL DR VOLUNTEERS are required to have a DR background check and up-to-date DR Photo ID according to FEMA regulations. Also, if your orientation is over 3 years old (including intro to SBC Disaster Relief) you MUST be recertified according to NAMB requirements.

Assessment Training




Jim Shields

All SCBI Training and Ministry Events scheduled through May 15 have been canceled.