Disaster Relief (DR) training are for individuals who are at least 18 years of age. Anyone in the state can go to any of the Orientations. They are not limited to people who reside in the region.

ALL DR VOLUNTEERS are required to have a DR background check and up-to-date DR Photo ID according to FEMA regulations. Also, if your orientation is over 3 years old (including intro to SBC Disaster Relief) you MUST be recertified according to NAMB requirements.


Dates 2020



8:00 A.M. Registration

8:30 A.M. Orientation
*Specific details of times will be posted closer to date of each training.

AREAS OFFERED: New Volunteers and recertification of previously trained DR Volunteers. Orientation to SBC Disaster Relief including mudout, shower unit, command center, feeding & chainsaw.


New volunteer: $40 Price includes DR Background Check, DR Hat, DR Photo ID & Lanyard
Recertification: $25 Price includes DR Background Check & DR Photo ID


Michelle Hillard