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Men’s Ministry


We need Nehemiahs, not Samsons.

There is a vital need to engage the heart and soul of the men of our state; to engage their passions and strengths toward a fulfilling adventure of life in Christ. Men need to be better equipped to lead their lives, their families, and their communities in a manner that is uplifting, encouraging, and Godly. To change the culture around us, we need to change the culture of manhood in Indiana; to change the culture of manhood in Indiana we need to work together. Our pastors and lay leaders have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of men. Now is a critical time – more men are asking questions, looking for true substance, for true direction, and as the days progress the need will be greater. We need to provide not only men’s ministries or outreach projects, but more importantly, we need to develop and utilize ministries to men, for men, and about men.

We need to train leaders to bring up leaders, disciples to bring up disciples, and recognize that   men become men in the company of other men. This is what is necessary for the spiritual reformation of men, for the transformation of their heart; and it is the power necessary to transform the world.

INTEGRIS, SCBI MENistry is here to serve as a means for encouraging, equipping, and enlisting leaders of Southern Baptist men across our state. Our purpose is to help connect the resources to the men as well as to connect our men to each other. Our shared resources and experiences will help us all to become stronger and more effective builders of the Kingdom. Together we are better.

We have various studies for men via dvd, webcast, seminar, or book. Like our facebook page and keep up to date with events and opportunities for growth around the state. Join our e-mail list for newsletters. Please give us a call and let us know how we can partner with you in this endeavor. If you don’t have a ministry to men but are interested in beginning one, again give us a call and we can help you to formulate a blueprint for impact.

INTEGRIS: the process to become integritas—whole, complete, solid.

We need Nehemiahs, not Samsons.

For more information, contact Jim Shields at 317-481-2400 ext 266 or

All SCBI Training and Ministry Events scheduled through May 15 have been canceled.