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  • One Cry - A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening

Solemn Assembly Resources


Recommended Prayer Resources

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     Pray, in the Holy Spirit

  • Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire - Cymbala
  • What the Spirit is Saying to the Churches - Blackaby
  • Experiencing the Spirit - Blackaby
  • Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough - Towns

     Praying Scripture

  • Praying God's Word - notes by Rick Shepherd

     Preparing the Sower: Pray in Holiness

  • Returning to Holiness - Frizzell
  • Forty Days of Seeking God - Frizzell
  • Developing a Powerful Prayer Life - Frizzell
  • Releasing the Revival Flood - Frizzell
  • Iceberg Dead Ahead - Frizzell
  • Consecrate the People - King [pdf to print]
  • The Mind of Christ - Hunt

     Pray for the Soil, person by person

  • Prayer walking: Taking it to the Streets; Prayer Walking Made Simple
  • Pray for two people twice a day
  • Praying for Your Friends to Christ - Schofield
  • Paths of Gold: Praying the Way to Christ for Lost Friends and Family - Gooding