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Pastor Helps

Pastor Helps

Pastor Connection – Wednesday Zoom

Pastors Connect – Robert Davis

Pastors Connect Ken Brady

Pastors Connect – Derek and Missy Irvin

Pastors Connect – Dr. Ronnie Floyd

Pastors Connect – Harrison Smith

Pastors Connect – Dr. Willie McLaurin

Pastors Connect – Dr. Smith

Pastors Connect – Dr. Mark Hearn

Tuesday Topics

 Tuesday Topics – Covid19 and Mental Health

Tuesday Topics – Things to Ponder Before We Start In-Person Worship

Tuesday Topics – Clarifying Governor Holcomb’s Guidelines for Church Reopenings and How Your Congregation Can Respond

Tuesday Topics – Say Yes To VBS

Tuesday Topics – Recruiting, Retaining, and Recognizing Your Church Volunteers this Summer.

Tuesday Topics –  Church Outreach Ideas for All Age Groups in a Post-Quarantine World

Tuesday Topics – Family Focused Worship Services

Tuesday Topics – Gospel Conversations in a Covid-19 World with Dr. Matt Queen

Tuesday Topics – Racism & Recent Events Roundtable

Tuesday Topics – Can Your Church Be Taxed? File These Important Government Documents to Reduce the Risk.

All SCBI Training and Ministry Events scheduled through May 15 have been canceled.